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Business Formation Law Office of Michael Botton Lake Como NJ

Business Formation

BusinessStriking out as a new business owner can be an exciting, yet challenging, opportunity. Select an experienced business formation attorney to help set the stage for the success of your company. The right lawyer can make all the difference in determining the most appropriate legal entity to reduce your company's exposure to risk.

Our office offer a detailed approach to help employers achieve their current and long-term goals. Contact our law firm today to get started with the right foundation.

At the Law Office of Michael Botton, LLC, we have experience helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into lucrative business opportunities. Our approach is clear and straightforward. We work directly with business leaders to understand their top priorities and long-term vision. We seek to determine the advantages and disadvantages of proposed business structures understanding:

  • What is your tolerance for risk?
  • What will be your business' liability limits?
  • How do you define your customers?
  • Will business be conducted overseas?
  • Where will the corporate office be located?

Our comprehensive approach helps us zero-in on the advantages and drawbacks of organizing your business as a partnership, a closely-held business, as well as a C, S or LLC entity. We are focused on minimizing any financial or tax implications business owners, partners, or shareholders could encounter in the future.