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Litigation Law Office of Michael Botton Lake Como NJ

Increasingly the primary avenue of recourse for many business disputes is the court or before arbitration panels. Our paramount concern is the end result for our client and we candidly assess the benefits and risks of litigation at the outset of every case. When the decision is made to litigate we apply ourselves with vigor to achieve the best outcome possible for our clients.

Our litigation team applies years of experience and familiarity with similar matters which results in an integrated and comprehensive approach to each issue and every cause of action we initiate or defend. We routinely litigate corporate and commercial cases as well as represent our clients in Chancery matters through out the State of New Jersey.

We have experience in defending Complex Consumer Fraud Actions filed by the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs. The Law Office of Michael Botton, Esq has represented clients in actions against Municipalities on many different issues including Prerogative Writ applications and Due Process Claims.