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State Disciplinary Board

At The Law Office of Michael Botton, LLC, we strive to meet all of your legal needs in a first-rate, cost-effective manner. To discuss your legal concerns with one of our knowledgeable attorneys, contact us at 732-894-3686

There are many situations in a physician's professional and personal life that can lead to disciplinary action. Disciplinary charges are extremely serious and can lead to suspension or revocation of your privileges and medical license.

The Law Office of Michael Botton, LLC., represents physicians and other health care professionals who are facing disciplinary actions by licensing boards or seek to have their licenses reinstated. As one of the only firms in Monmouth and Ocean Counties representing health care professionals in disciplinary actions, we understand the unique issues affecting physicians facing disciplinary actions.

Disciplinary actions are often initiated by a patient or co-worker or as the result of a negative peer review action. The Law Office Of Michael Botton LLC, represents health care providers who have received complaints due to:

  • Failure to provide standard medical care
  • Substance abuse
  • Disruptive personality
  • Professional liability
  • Malpractice
  • Criminal charges

If you have received notice that you are being targeted for a peer review or an investigation by the medical board, it is imperative to contact an experienced New Jersey physician disciplinary action defense attorney immediately. It is almost never advisable for a physician to speak to an investigator without a lawyer present.

Our attorneys will guide you through these processes, help ascertain the nature of the complaint against you, and assist you in preparing and asserting an appropriate defense. We also understand the sensitivity and importance of these matters, and will work diligently to protect your interests in a zealous, responsible and tactful manner.

For more information regarding mistakes physicians often make after a licensing board complaint has been filed, see our article "The 10 Biggest Mistakes Physicians Make After a Licensing Board Complaint Has Been Filed Against Them." They are:

Licensing board complaints may be filed by patients, their family members, other healthcare providers, employees, or anyone who interacts with a physician. Increasing awareness of this fact, aided by consumer groups and state laws which require posting patient bills of rights in waiting rooms, has led to more medical board complaints being filed and sanctions imposed. Disciplinary action can include: a reprimand, restrictions on a physician